BTS Emoji [Meaning, Copy & Paste]

The BTS Army often uses emojis to symbolize the singers of BTS; in case you are unable to recognize them, we will now explain which emoji should be used to symbolize each singer of the band. The BTS fanbase is very well organized, and it is common knowledge that fans are excellent resources for one another in terms of details. True bts lovers have their own special emoji keyboard designed with its emojis.

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Because of this, we can locate a large number of fan accounts all over the place; for example, on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ARMY maintains a large number of pages that are packed with pictures, videos, and knowledge on Band.

BTS Emoji 2024

Emoji  Tap/Click on the icon to copy
🐨 🐨
🐹 🐹
🐱 🐱
🐿️ 🐿️
🐤 🐤
🐅 🐅

Complete collection of BTS emoji & Emoticons

🐨 ,🐱,🐿️,🐤,🐅,🐹

Emojis used to represent each BTS member

These emojis are assigned to BTS not randomly but they have a cute and playful meaning behind each of them. These are based on each member’s looks, behavior, persona, and personality. The emojis were assigned to them by the people that love BTS very much.

Does BTS have its emoji?

In 2016, only three years after the group’s first launch, each singer of BTS was given their very own emoji on Twitter. Users that hashtagged the name of the boy band were presented with a unique bulletproof vest icon.

What is RM’s fav emoji?

Leader RM chose “the green one,” and it’s most probable that he was alluding to the nauseous face emoji when he did so.

What is the animal symbol of BTS?

According to Jimin, the band’s whole image may be summed up by Chimmy, the happy-go-lucky dog dressed in yellow. In the making of videos for BT21, he is heard saying that a puppy is the kind of pet that would work best with BTS. People compare us to puppies because we like being around others and because we keep busy.

Why is jk a bunny?

This is his nickname, and it was given to him because, when he grins, he resembles a cute little bunny. Given that this is a fan-favorite moniker, it really shouldn’t come as a shock that he’s

going by it. Kookie’s spirit animal is a rabbit called a bunny. Jungkook has several characteristics that make him resemble a bunny, such as his eating habits and his grin which looks like a rabbit’s.

How to write the BTS sign?


  • Launch the application on your Android smartphone in which you want to input an emoji, and then press the text box to bring up the on-screen keyboard.
  • Tap the symbol that looks like a smiling face and is located either to the side of, above or under the textbox. The on-screen keypad with built-in emoji will appear, this is how to get bts sign.
  • Know all the bts signs by referring to this article.
  • Tap the bts sign you want to use.
  • The emoji will be added on its own automatically.
  • This is the way to copy-paste bts signs.

Unicode and UTF for the emoji

Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 F0 9F 98 AC 240 159 152 172 4036991148 11110000 10011111 10011000 10101100

More About the emoji

RM 🐨

Namjoon’s animal emoji is a Koala. In the past, he has said that the tranquil demeanor of the koala is one of the reasons why it is his favorite animal. In addition, since his character in BT21 is represented by this specific animal, ARMY decided to make that creature the badge of the band member. You can know more about bts signs on Twitter and learn about their characteristics.

Jin 🐹

Each bts sign name stands for a meaning. The hamster is Jin’s favorite animal, and his emoji represents him well. There is a hypothesis that Jin’s animal should be a sugar glider; however, as there is no emoji for a sugar glider, the emoji for a hamster is used instead. The fandom also picked this animal because it reminds them of Seokjin when he is eating and his cheeks are loaded with food.

Suga 🐱

You can get to know about these bts sign animals on the internet. Suga has the personality of a cat, much like his emoji, which is also a cat. In addition to this, he approaches everything with the attitude of a cat. But he’s such a sweetheart. ARMY decided to use this emblem to represent Yoongi since he is quite similar to this adorable animal. Additionally, the army thinks that he resembles a cat because he has pointed eyes and chubby cheeks.

J-hope 🐿️

It is stated that a squirrel represents Hobi’s emoji animal. BTS ARMYs have adopted squirrels in Hobi’s honor. ARMY utilizes two different emojis to represent J-Hope. One of them is a squirrel since J-Hope carries a little bag that looks similar to a bag used to carry acorns. In addition, a unicorn since it is the role he plays in BT21.

Jimin’s 🐤

Jimin is sometimes referred to as the “little puppet” or “the small chick” because of his small appearance. Even the other members will sometimes make fun of him for his emoji animal. Everyone likes Jimin for the same reason, and that is because he has a personality that is quite appealing. The BTS army incorporates each of the several components of this insignia into the design of their idol.

Taehyung 🐅

Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, had the demeanor of a juvenile tiger while he was younger. Since that time, many have begun to refer to him as such. Because of his bearlike demeanor and kind nature, he is also known as The bear. Even though Taehyung has forced ARMY to pick between his two emojis, the fans continue to use both of them when referring to him. Because V is drawn to tigers, which are also said to be his favorite animal, and a bear because that is what his grandmother used to refer to him as.

Jungkook 🐰

Because Jungkook’s character in BT21, Cooky, is a rabbit, ARMY decided to utilize a bunny to symbolize JK as a representation of the character. Kookie’s spirit animal is a rabbit called a bunny. Jungkook has several characteristics that make him resemble a bunny, such as his eating habits and his grin which looks like a rabbit’s.