Durian Emoji [Copy & Paste]

This emoji represents a famous fruit.

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Emoji comes in many varieties and is available in electronic devices to express feelings and love. The emoji for iPhone is the most viral in various applications.

Durian Emoji 2024

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🥝 🥝

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How to Use Durain Emoji?

If you are searching for this emoji Facebook on your social media page, then it’s very easy to use it. You can even search for it on and paste the symbol into your text. You can save the emoji for WhatsApp and download it later.

After the download, you must go through the WhatsApp application on your pc and get to the chat dialog box for the WhatsApp version. You can get the sticker in the box to use the duration emoji. You can find the durian emoji text in the fruits section and get that in your text for communication.

The use of the domain emoji depends on the application and platform you are using for communication. You can use the drain emoji in the extension of Chrome, or you can have it in the messenger.

What Does Durain Emoji Mean?

There are different meanings which are associated with emoji on Android. It normally shows feelings of excitement and happiness. Meanwhile, it’s the symbol of fruit, so you can send it to the person who is the fruit lover. There are several meanings which are associated with this emoji.

Normally it depends on how you use the downloaded emoji in your text. Its copy and paste is available on every platform and used by every person on social media pages.

What Does Durain Emoji Look Like?

The duration emoji looks like a fruit shape. It has a green shape with a brown combination giving a unique shape to the fruit. It’s available in the fruit category and now says very common in every section of the text bar. Emoji comes in different varieties and can be used to represent feelings.

The durian Instagram emoji is the most used one on social media, and it’s going viral in different parts of Western countries.

Unicode for the Emoji

UTF-9D5 9F 94 A5240 159 148 165403699011711110000 10011111 10010100 10100101

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