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Emojidb is a site dedicated to the community of users who are obsessed with using emojis and have made them a part of their daily texting and mainly for expressing their emotions more briefly. Moreover, the services of the site are available for every user as well and we promise quality content and combos related to emoji-combos for our users.

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Most Used Emojis

With the help of the search bar option, we can lead you to emojis for more than a thousand keywords which are for sure the most relevant emojis that are supported on every device.

We have deeply felt the absence of such as site that would guide users on how to find a proper emoji according to the keyword and hence this is how this site came into being, the management behind this site has done their best in uploading every emoji which has ever been made just for the content very thoroughly.

Services of the site

We have made the site preview very user-friendly and easy to understand, everything is extremely organized and categorized and you all are supposed to do is make your way to the top front of the site’s homepage and make use of the search bar and with the help of the emoji identifier you will be redirected to the most relevant results.

Each of the most frequently used keywords is updated regularly and new to new emojis are constantly being added almost every day. More of the services include suggesting to users the related keywords that they might use.

In case you are getting confused with your search in that case you can go through the recent searches and find yourself a good emoji. To make users and contact easy we have launched an Emojidb app which is easy to download and supports every device. Since the result section is as huge as your thoughts we suggest you choose any of the emoji lying in the top 20 since those are what we believe are the most relevant.

Features of the site

Once you are on the site you will see a huge collection of words mainly emotions describing words which are shown there for users so that they can simply choose their desired keyword and lead towards their results. Over a hundred keywords are displayed that are best related to the emotions, users are not displayed a single but over a hundred emojis that our database believes are best relevant to your search.

Once the results are shown you can simply copy them with a single click and make your way to the keypad where you want to paste it. For instance, if you don’t like the shown result you are further provided the option to search a similar emoji for the one already viewed. The results are previewed in a manner that the top shown are those that we believe are the best and most frequently copied.

Users are most welcome to provide us with suggestions with any related keyword and after analyzing our staff will add them to the database. The basic Emojidb meaning is to collect and display the emojis. Users may find some of the emojis completely irrelevant hence you don’t need to worry since they are regularly being changed and added.

What makes our services unique

Several things make our site very different and more useful which is that our database is so huge that even our users get confused with the selection and since each one of them is very relevant they can easily go with any result. The amount of hours our staff spends on this site to make it even more convenient for the users is unmatchable, this is one reason why you would never find any error or slow searching of your keyword.

Even when the site is under maintenance for any purpose, users will still be able to make searches and carry on availing of our services. We are top on the web providing users with the opportunity of emoji pixel art makers. We believe that even if you are here for just a single emoji you would get back to pasting them not just one but plenty of them. Each of the user’s reviews and suggestions is highly appreciated and things are taken into action as soon as you post one.


The speed of the searching is just unmatchable, you are not required to do any signing and just use it without any account, it is very safe to use and you don’t need to worry about any third-party interference and no redirection to other sites because of unwanted ads pop up. In case you are trying to save your time with one copy at a time then you are provided with the facility of doing multiple copies and pasting them at the same time.