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In today’s world of modernity, there are many ways of communication, and communicating through emojis has become one of the daily trends. The upcoming generation are interested more in using these small facial expression which are known as emoticons. This site is one of the greatest sources of emoticons as well.

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What is Emojipedia?

Emojipedia can be said to be the greatest source of emoticons. This emoticon contains all kinds of expressions. Whether you are feeling sad, happy, funny, or scared, the site download has an emoticon for you. Using the emoticon present on the site is very useful. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting emoticons from here.

How can this website be used?

You will get the emoticons simply from the site. Once you have selected what emoticon you want to use, you can do it by copying the emoticon and pasting it on the other place. No matter what you are feeling it be tired emotion or happy, sad or scared, or suspenseful, there is a variety of emoticons present for you. Also using the website is free of cost and it takes no time.


Time is saved

If you are running short on time then using an emoticon from an iPhone can be very useful to you. Also texting long messages will make you look dull. Text messages also seem to be the explanation of terms.

No cost

If you are worried that using Apple will get you charged. You won’t ever need to pay any money to use your favorite emojis.

Simple to use

The website is very simple to use. you just have to copy-paste emojis. One of the many reasons why this is loved by users worldwide is its easy-to-use module.

Looks cool

When you use emoji symbols in your text messages you seem pretty cool. Texting only with letters has become old-fashioned these days. You should use emoticons while having any conversation.


In conclusion, we are proud to say that the iPhone emoji is a great way of decorating your replies. You should not be worried about using any other way of using emoticons from the emoji copy-paste option. Because we have provided you with a source that is easy to use and free of cost.

Moreover, there are a variety of emoticons that one can use. All the humane feelings and expressions are covered by these emoticons.

What do emoji symbols girl Heart boy heart show?

When we send emoji symbols with boy and girl standing with each other while red hearts are floating between them. That means that there is a strong bond of love between them. These symbols can also be used as a couple with a heart. They are used to show the strongest affection between people.

What do leaf emoji define when used in slang?

The emoji of a leaf shows the sarcastic tone of a person. When someone says something in a sarcastic way they often use these emoji symbols. These leaves are of marijuana or weed.

What does the emoticon with crying mean when used as slang?

This emoticon is used when we want to depict crying, sneezing, embarrassment, or any other cringy feelings. It is used where you can cry from any happy moment. It also depicts someone wiping their face. Therefore, this emoji is a wholesome mood.

What does the emoticon Vulcan mean when used in texting?

It is the Vulcan salute emoticon. It is used to show that you are proud. This salute can be used to signify when someone is showing pride in their scientific work. Further, it can be used to show good luck to somebody.

What does a charger emoticon mean when used in slang?

This emoji shows a plug that can be used to depict a drug dealer. It is also used as a slang term for drug dealers on the Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook platforms.

does sending a <3 means something when used in texting slang?

This small heart emoticon shows love. When it is used in social media it means that the person is creative and he or she wants to show love in different ways. Most of my friends use this emoji on various social media platforms.

All the social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are filled with posts and messages where people have used this emoji.

What does the emoji that uses monkey means when used in texting?

This emoticon is fun to use. it conveys funny messages such as cringing, disbelieving, and laughing. Further, it has divine meaning as well which tells us to speak no evil. Therefore, you can use these emojis any way you like.

What does the black heart emoji mean when used by a girl?

This emoji is also used to show love and affection. It is one of the romantic emoji groups which is used for showing positive feelings. For being grateful for somebody. This emoji has a dark color but still, it best suits you when you use it for positive feelings.

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What does the word bae mean when used in the text?

The term B when used in texting means baby, babe, bro, bestie, or beautiful. It is used when you want to address someone close to your heart. If a girl has called you B that means she is truly in love with you. It can also be a flirtatious sign if a girl is using it.