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A hand clenched into a palm having the forefinger and thumbs interlaced and the other knuckles pointing outward. Could be utilized in a variety of settings to depict things such as affection, prosperity, or the cracking of wrists.

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The little outline of a heart is formed by the forefinger and the thumbs in this emoticon. This hand motion, which is recognized as a fingertip heart and is intended to show respect or devotion, gained popularity in the mid-2000s due to its widespread usage by superstars from North Korea, especially actresses, K-pop artists, and artists.

Finger Heart Emoji 2024

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How to use finger heart sign?

  • The Finger heart sign also known as one of the cutest hand gestures is a major used emoticon that represents a heart and love for the other.
  • This emoji can be used as an alternative to the different heart emojis such as the red heart.
  • The little outline of a heart is formed by the forefinger and the palm in this emoticon.
  • The “finger heart” is a common way for people to show their admiration and devotion for one another.

What does a finger heart sign mean in a text?

The finger heart sign which began as a trend from the Korean people now has a widespread and is considered to be one of those emojis which are used regularly.

The Finger heart sign on ios is one emoji that appears to be the most realistic. If you ever see it being used in texting it means that you are responding to something very cute and it is one of the best alternatives for the red heart emoji which shows more love.

Instead of referring to something as cute you can simply use this emoji. This heart is also known to be a small heart.

What does this emoji mean on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the top used social media which is used by users to share their good moments and upload statuses about what they are doing at the moment.

This emoji has great use on Facebook, it all started as a hand pose for the photos and showing love for each other. The Finger heart sign on Facebook is also seen as a reaction tool for the photos that appear on the feed.

People share each other’s snaps with this little heart-hand gesture and mark a cute moment in their life. Users also use this emoji as a quick reaction tool instead of going to the comment section and spending time thinking about something good.

Is there any finger heart sign on the android?

The availability of the emoji depends on your smartphone and also the software update your smartphone is running on. Many users have talked about the unavailability of this emoji on their smartphones which is why they make use of the other colored hearts emojis. The heart emoji on android is a bit different in color and structure as well.

Can you get the finger heart sign on IOS?

Yes absolutely, the heart emoji is available on iPhone and have been present there for a long time.

They were initially released on iPhone and were made in the skin tone of a normal human being. heart emojis on ios were present there on the software version 15.5.

In case you are not able to find any of these heart emojis then you can go for the Korean heart sign downloads that you can get online easily.

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How can you type finger heart sign?

  • You can insert textual emoticons portraying kisses into any work by going to the Navigation pane and selecting the Emoticons option from the drop-down selection. The Integrate button is located in the Connector menu.
  • Emoticons may be easily accessed by computer users by clicking and holding the ALT command while simultaneously pressing any number keyboard, and then selecting the desired emoticon from the resulting menu that appears. Simply pull your finger off the keypad as soon as the emoticon of your choice appears on the screen.


Unicode for the emoji

The heart emoji text is widely used on Twitter as a comment on cute tweets. A similar hand movement might be employed in the setting of wealth to imply a luxurious or costly object, a shortage of cash, or a demand to be compensated. It might also be employed to express a desire to be earned.

Encoding Hex Dec bytes Dec Binary
UTF-8 F0 9F A4 97 240 159 164 151 4036994199 11110000 10011111 10100100 10010111

Why this “Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed” emoji is trending?