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The emoji for handcuffs would be an excellent addition to the group of emergency emojis that already exist, such as the emoji for a police officer or a police truck, for example.

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Even though the emoji is not readily available as other emojis, there are still many ways to get the emoji on android. This emoji may be used in the context of a lighthearted chat amongst friends, in which it will be relayed either as a sarcastic joke or as a humorous addition to another joke.

There are a huge number of websites on the internet that feature these emojis that were created by lone developers to meet the demand for them. The emoji can appear in several different ways since there is no official version of it. This indicates that the designers have been putting in a lot of effort to come up with some emojis that seem just stunning.

The majority of the time, two plain silver handcuffs are worn one on top of the other.

Handcuff emoji 2024

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How to use the handcuff sign?

This emoji may be found, as was said before, within the set of emojis that represent various types of emergency services. This does not mean that it cannot be used in settings that are not included in the aforementioned examples. This expression is best used when used in jest or in the context of a lighthearted discussion amongst close friends.

What is an alternative to the handcuff sign?

The emoji depicting chains is the most suitable replacement to use in its place. You may make use of this if you do not want to hunt for the handcuff sign on several different websites. The majority of the time, using the shackles emoji will effectively express the same meaning without compromising the comedy or the flow of the discussion. With the same function as handcuffs, a shackle is a device that is used to confine inmates.

Where to get handcuff sign text?

Handcuff emoji text is widely available on the internet. This is because there is a great amount of demand for a graphical representation of a shackle to be found in written form. When it comes to the design of the text, several authors have gone above and beyond with their creative abilities. This material is, for the most part, of good quality, and you should have no trouble just copying and pasting it without any concerns.

How does copy-paste the handcuff sign?

It is not necessary to have an emoji keyboard loaded to access the handcuff sign on a desktop pc or a smartphone device. Find the image of the emoji that you want to use on any site by looking at its image or its significance, then click or touch on it to copy it to the clipboard. Once you have done so, go to a different site or app and enter the emoji just as you would any other data.

Even if the emoji sign seems like a black rectangle or a punctuation mark, the webpage or program where you place it will probably turn it into the right picture. This is because emojis are designed to be used in text messages. This is because emojis are not standardized across platforms. This is the case even if it can give the impression that it is neither of those things. The method for handcuffing emoji copy-paste is described above.

Is handcuff sign png available on the web?

Yes, the handcuff sign png is readily available on the web on many sites. PNG files like this one are often produced by professionals using specialized software for graphic creation. This indicates that the photograph is of the highest quality and captures a shackle in its entirety. It is possible to use it anywhere you wish by simply copying and pasting the text without any difficulty.

How to write the handcuff sign?

Even if an emoji keyboard is not loaded on your pc or mobile device, it is relatively simple to get the handcuff emoji to appear. The only thing you need to do is look for a website that has the emoji you want to use, then pick, copy, and paste the symbol.

You may select it as you would any other text, and then transfer it to the clipboard. After you have completed those steps, go to the location where you want to use it, and then use the keyboard or the contextual option to paste the emoji.

Before you transmit an emoji to someone else, you should make sure you are familiar with its meaning by reading it carefully and looking at its associated images. Certain emojis may not imply what you believe they mean at all.

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Unicode and UTF for the emoji

encoding hex dec(bytes) dec binary
UTF-9 D5 9F 94 A5 240 159 148 165 4036990117 11110000 10011111 10010100 10100101

More about the emoji

How to download the handcuff sign?

Handcuff sign download can be done by a website offering that service. Finding this website will not be difficult at all. You just have to type download handcuff emoji and the required sites will appear. Just be careful that the site is safe and not trying to scam you or ask for money. This can be done by confirming the presence of a lock on the search bar indicating safety.

Is there a handcuff sign on IOS?

As of currently the answer to this is there a handcuff sign apple is NO. This might change in the future through updates. For now, if you want the handcuff sign on IOS you will need to use third-party sites.

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