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The term “Heart Emoticon” describes a textual heart form represented by basic keyboard characters. It is an easy and popular way to convey feelings of love, care, and happiness in text-based communication when genuine emojis might not be supported or available.

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The “3” combination, which consists of the less than sign “<” and the number three “3,” is the most widely used emoticon “<3”. It takes on the appearance of a heart when viewed from the side. It is becoming a common means to convey love, friendship, and happiness in online conversations and social media posts.

Depending on the user’s originality and imagination, other emoticons include “<33” (two hearts), (heart turned upside down), and many more.

Heart Emoticon 2024

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How to use these emoticons?

You may easily use love emoticons in your text-based conversation because using them is pretty simple. Here are some examples of common emoticons in use:

<3: This emoticon represents a heart shape and is used to express love, affection, or friendship. Simply type “<3” without any spaces, and it will automatically display as a heart on most messaging platforms or social media.

</3: This emoticon represents a broken heart and is used to convey sadness or heartbreak. Similar to “<3,” type “</3” without any spaces to display it as a broken heart symbol.

♥️: The “♥️” symbol is the Heart Suit symbol and can also be used to represent a heart. You can type “♥️” by using the “Alt” key (on Windows) or “Option” key (on Mac) along with the number sequence 9829.

Ღ: It is usually copied and pasted from websites or documents that support the specific font containing this character.

What does this emoticon mean?

The heart emoji, frequently written as “<3,” is a well-liked sign used in internet messaging and communication to express love, affection, or other good feelings for someone or something. It is a fixed heart with a pointy end on the left, which is an easy representation of the shape.

The heart emoticon is used to convey an emotional connection, love, or respect for somebody else. It may be used in several situations, including:

Romantic Feelings: “I love you <3” or “You are so sweet <3” are words of love or romantic feelings.

Expressing Gratitude Or Appreciation: “Thank you so much <3” or “I’m truly grateful for your help <3.”

Demonstrating Friendship: The words “You’re an amazing friend <3” and “I’m glad we’re friends <3” are examples of friendship.

Positive Opinions: like “That’s a great idea <3” or “You’re awesome <3”

The emoticon frequently appears in informal and pleasant communication; this is especially true in online conversations, social media posts, and text messages. It might have different meanings depending on the context and the relationship between the sender and the recipient.

What do heart emoticons symbolize?

In general, emoticons with hearts stand for friendship, love, and affection. The heart symbol is widely understood as a sign of feelings of love and supportive relationships.

Since it is straightforward and applicable to all languages, the “<3” emoji has long been a favorite way to convey love and affection in text-based communication.

This text emoji “<3” is one of many emojis that are frequently used in combination with emojis to improve emotional expression in communication. In 2024 and beyond, consumers will likely continue to use and value the heart emoji as long as text-based messaging is a key means of communication

What is the best Heart emoticon?

The classic “<3” emoticon is one of the most commonly used and recognized emoticons.

However, other emoticons, such as “♥️,” “♡,” and “ღ,” also have their charm and uniqueness. Some users may prefer the more graphical representations of hearts for added ability and creativity.

support for emojis and emoticons can vary depending on the platform, operating system, and application you are using. Also, new emojis might have been introduced after an earlier update, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent releases or platform-specific information for the latest collection.

Unicode for the Emoticon

U+1F5A49F 94 A5 D5