Heart Triangle Symbol [Meaning, Copy & Paste]

The heartagram, also known as the heart triangle adoption symbol, is a symbol that is created by joining a love heart with an upright triangular, which may also have a circle around it.  The Finnish metal band HIM is where the emblem first appeared, and they are responsible for its design.

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Each point of the triangle stands in for a different person, the infant, the birth mother, and the adoptive parents make up the triangle’s three corners, respectively. The Love heart symbol, which is a mix of a heart and a pentagram, is intended to symbolize the contrast between the gentle and the strong, the masculine and the feminine, and the yang and the yin.

Heart triangle symbol 2024

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What are the uses of the Heart triangle sign?

People who would want to express their respect for their adoptive child or family members often choose to utilize the heart triangle as the attachment sign to do so.

What does this symbol mean?

The symbol means the kid, the child’s birth parents and the adoptive parents are all represented by the three points of the triangle that are linked with the hearts. The bad or blackness represented by the pentagram half of the symbol is contrasted with the kindness and light represented by the heart section of the heartagram, which was designed by Valo as a type of yin-yang symbol heart triangle inside a circle.

The band’s official logo is a heart-shaped hexagram, and it is intended to symbolize the coming together of two concepts that are opposed, such as love and hatred or life and death. the sign of a child being adopted. It looks like a heart with a triangular within it.

What do the star and heart triangles mean?

According to many different cultures, the hearts are the inbuilt indication of the soul, but the stars are the outward sign of the soul. Often the spirits of the dead, perhaps the souls of the child in the womb, occasionally the souls of champions, and oftentimes the souls of every person on Earth can be seen in the stars.

Where did the heartagram come from?

The band’s trademarked logo, the heartagram, was designed by singer Ville Valo on the occasion of his twentieth birthday in 1999. Since then, the heart and triangle symbol band has been an integral component of HIM’s public persona.

What does an upside-down heart mean?

A relationship that is backward or screwed up is represented by a heart that is turned upside down.

How do you write the Heart triangle sign?

Select Insert > Symbol > More Symbols from the menu bar. Navigate to the Special Characters section. To insert a character of your choice, just double-click on it. Click the Close button.

Unicode and UTF of the symbol

Encoding  Hex Dec bytes Dec  Binary 
UTF-8 F0 9F 92 93 240 159 146 147 4036989587 10011111 10010010 10010011

More About the Symbol

What does the heart symbol represent spiritually?

In contrast to the head knowledge associated with reason, the circle symbol the primary wisdom of emotion represented by the heart, which serves as the center of both physical and spiritual existence. It requires empathy and comprehension, and it is both life-giving and complicated.

Why is the adoption symbol a triangle?

A heart and a triangle that are entwined together is the universally recognized symbol for adoption. Adoption may be seen as a triangle, with the adoptee, their birth family, and their adopted families making up the three sides. Love and the connection that each of the three points of the triangle has to one another are represented by the heart.

Design of the logo

Both musically and symbolically, the band’s heart is designed to reflect the band’s gentler side, while the band’s pentagram is intended to represent the band’s harsher inspirations. In the symbolism of Christianity, the Trinity, which consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is represented as a triangle contained inside a circle. Triangle symbol copy and paste is very easy.

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