Kurdish Flag Emoji [Copy & Paste]

There are a lot of countries in this world and upon using social media for a long time, you may find people living in certain parts of the world. If you happen to meet someone from Kurdistan, you can use the emoji Android and iPhone when you are chatting with them.

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Kurdish flag emoji 2024

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🇭🇺 🇭🇺

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How to use this emoji?

When someone asks you on Instagram where you are from, you can still use the Kurdish emoji Instagram to tell them very easily where you are from and also make them familiar with the Kurdish flag.

You can also use emoji download and use the emoji Reddit to encourage and make your friends feel happy about their home country. You can use this emoji to tell anyone where you are from and also let them know what the flag of your country is.

Does Kurdistan have a flag?

The country Kurdistan does indeed have a flag which was first revealed in 1920 at the Paris peace conference.

It was made by Khoyboun who was an early leader of the Kurdish nationalist movement.

Kurdish people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey all love and admire the national flag of Kurdistan very very much.

What is the symbol on the Kurdish flag?

The symbol at the center of the Kurdish flag is a blazing gold sun which is called Roj in the Kurdish language.

Thesun has a total of 21 rays coming out from it and there are three white stripes in the background of the color red, white, and green.

The Kurdish flag was specially made to honor the martyrs who fought long and hard to achieve freedom for their people.

What flag is ☀️❤️💚?

The ❤️☀️💚 symbols represent the flag of Kurdistan. The red and green hearts on the left and right sides represent the red and green stripes in the background of the Kurdish flag while the sun in the middle represents the sun emblem in the center of the Kurdish flag. You can use this Kurdish emoji on ios. You can also find various emoji on Reddit as well.

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Unicode for the Emoji 

UTF-9D5 9F 94 A5240 159 148 165403699011711110000 10011111 10011100 10111101

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