Least Used Emojis of 2024 [Copy & Paste]

Your messaging app may likely add support for new emojis if users can’t locate one that adequately conveys how you felt. Apple released 158 brand new emoticons previously this summer, featuring figures with red hairstyles, age spots, and naturally wavy, a new emoticon for disabled people, more expressive happy faces, and extra emoticons symbolizing animals, athletics, and cuisine.

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To determine which emoticons are utilized the lowest, the Least Frequent Emoticon Bot keeps track of how often each one is used during a definite time frame. Moreover, emojis like flags and many other symbols are very rare to use, you are going to see the top minimum used emojis in this article.

The least used emoji in 2024

Emoji  Tap/Click on the icon to copy
🤖 🤖
🧕 🧕
🦞 🦞
🍶 🍶
🪕 🪕
〽️ 〽️
🔺 🔺
⚕️ ⚕️
🛴 🛴
🔠 🔠

Complete list of least used emojis 


How to use the least used symbol?

  • The least emojis are those that are not very common in use and can be found easily in your very own emoji collection. These emojis are all those emojis that have no meaning.
  • The minimum used emoji on ios are all those flags and symbols that you see on Twitter when people are trolling. Although having the greatest representations, flags remained the lowest frequently utilized group. The launch ship emoticon was the highest popularity in the Transportation-air category, while the extended forearm was the highest popular in the Body-parts category.

What are the 2 most used emojis?

🦞, and 🍶 are two of the least emojis or we can say 2 of those least used. There are several least-used ones. The red lobster emoji is from the sea fish collection emojis and the other jug emoji is from the crockery collection. These are called a few of the minimum-used emoji bots. There is no basic use for them and people can’t even get their slang meanings as well.

What is the most random emojis?

Random emojis are all those emotions that have no such meanings and are used without any contextual stuff. These can be all those expressionless or symbol emojis and much more, users have figured out their slang meanings and that is all why they are used. Just like the flag emojis that have very less use and are also not used when talking about your countries.

What is the least used flag color?

Flags are among all those emojis that are considered to be the least, users prefer writing their country name instead of searching for their country name specifically. Also, people find it very difficult to find flag emojis for their own country since they are based at the end of the emoji collection. Denmark and India are the least-used flag emoji according to Reddit.

What is the least used face emoji?


Although face emojis are all very well used and none of them are counted as the least used ones, the clock-faced emoji is the one that is a rare emoji face. The emoji has no meaning and also due to no expressions this emoji is not much usable.

How to type the least used signs?

Once you get to know about any rare emoji which can be any emoji without any meaning, you can find them in your smartphone emoji collection but you don’t see them much because of being very uncommonly used.

Unicode and UTF for the emojis

encoding hex dec(bytes) dec binary
UTF-9 D5 9F 94 A5 240 159 148 165 4036990117 11110000 10011111 10010100 10100101

More about the emojis

Talking about the least used symbols, you can see a wide variety of symbols that are present in your emoji collection on your smartphone. Symbols representing numbers and many different things are not common in everyday texting and according to users’ surveys symbols are the top non-used emojis.

How did we find these Emojis:

Although everyone has a preferred emoticon when was the most recent time you gave any consideration to the one you seldom use? Several people just use a handful of emoticons, including the hand gesture, the LOL smile, and the grinning encounter with the mouth sticking out, which is a normal appearance you should probably really use in normal reality for fear of being labeled a complete and utterly crazy.

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