Lighthouse Emoji [Copy & Paste]

The ⛯ symbol is often referred to as a lighthouse symbol or an emoji. Even after popular demands, there hasn’t been a proper lighthouse emoji yet. Despite this, people have been using this emoji on Whatsapp and Instagram through copy-paste.

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Lighthouse emoji 2024

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How to use the emoji?

This emoji can capture a lot of different feelings. In some cases, it can represent feelings of isolation whereas in others,

it can be used to advise someone to move on with the hardships of their life and keep discovering new things to enjoy in this world.

The light of the lighthouse may be used as a beacon of hope for someone specific.

Is there a lighthouse emoji?

There isn’t an official emoji from Unicode. Only a map symbol for a lighthouse is available to people as part of the 5.2 Unicode.

But if you want to use this emoji, you can download an unofficial emoji pack that contains this emoji from the app store or on the internet. Otherwise, at this time, there are no official emoji ios and this emoji is Samsung.

You can only use this emoji iphone copy and paste if you want to use this emoji on WhatsApp or this emoji Instagram.

People are also using the emoji on ios and Samsung Android by downloading an emoji pack from the app store or google play. People use both of these methods to use the emoji on Facebook and also on many other social media platforms.

What does ⛯ mean?

The ⛯ symbol is often referred to as a lighthouse symbol or an emoji.

The symbol or emoji represents a light shining off in the distance, likely that of a distant lighthouse.

There isn’t a complete emoji yet so this is the closest emoji we have right now.

What is the symbol for the lighthouse?

This ⛯ is the symbol most commonly referred to as the lighthouse symbol or emoji. The ⛯ is a map symbol for a Lighthouse Unicode character. Even after popular demands, we still don’t have an actual lighthouse unicode emoji but people can still use an unofficial emoji by downloading an emoji pack.

What does the lighthouse mean in love?

A lighthouse such as this emoji from a person can represent feelings of isolation and intimacy.

This emoji is also often used to tell someone to move forward in their life and overcome challenges and seek guidance to find the best route for their life just like how a lighthouse reveals the route to nearby ships.

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Unicode for the Emoji 

UTF-9D5 9F 94 A5240 159 148 165403699011711110010 10011111 10011100 10100101

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