Love Emoticons List 2024 [Copy & Paste]

Love emoticons are a cute way of expressing your love. You can send love emoticons to anybody you love. You can send these cute emoticons to your life partners, family, and friends. Love emoticons are of variable sizes, different styles, and shapes. But the most used are the ones with a heart shape.

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Love Emoticons 2024

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❦❧☙ ♥ ❦❧☙ ♥

Complete collection of Love Emoticons and Emojis

♡♥❤💖🎔💚💕❥💗💜💛💙❦❧☙ ♥🤎💟

How to use a love emoticon?

You can use these love emoji to copy and paste them into your conversations to depict your true love. Also if you want to insert them in your texting mobile app. Simple go to the messages. Click on chat. After clicking on type new messages, you have to click on the emoticon icon next to the space bar. This will show you a lot of emoticons, out of which you can select the emoticon’s love heart.

What does love emoticon mean?

The love emoticon truly defines the truest love desires for someone. If someone feels truly affectionate to someone. They show this affection by sending these love emoticons. Moreover, if someone wants to appreciate efforts or wants to show them how much they care for them. They can do so by sending love emoticons.

Many websites provide I love you emoji text copy and paste. Therefore, you can effortlessly use them in your conversations.

10 Most Used Love Emoticons

Red heart ❤️:

Love and care are usually symbolized by red hearts. It expresses one’s deepest affection and love towards his loved ones.

Pink heart 💖

If you’re in a new relationship, this pink heart is perfect for you. You can use this cute love emoticon to appreciate someone’s efforts.

Purple heart 💜

A purple heart has a deep romantic meaning. It can be used to describe one’s romantic fantasies and desires.

Blue heart💙

Blue hearts can symbolize love as well as friendship. When two people are as good as friends while they are also in a relationship, they can use this blue heart emoticon.

Yellow heart 💛

A yellow heart emoticon is used to encourage someone. It is mostly used to show the bright sides of things. If you want to motivate your loved ones you can use this yellow heart love emoticons.

Green heart💚

This emoticon is used by people who are nature lovers. They mostly use this emoticon to show their love for nature and natural beauty.

Black heart🖤

If you are a classic person you would like this black heart love emoticon. This emoticon is aesthetic and loveable at the same time.

White heart🤍

There is no purer form of love than a white heart. Also, it can be used to depict someone’s apology. When a person has committed a mistake and he or she wants to make amends. They can use this emoticon.

Face with hearts🥰

A face with heart emotion is used to describe the truest love feelings for someone. You can also use this emoticon when you are having a conversation with your crush or someone you think you will have a future with.

Face with heart eyes: 😍

A face having eyes made of a heart can be used to show excitement in love. When your loved one does something appreciable for you. You can insert this emoticon to show love and respect for their efforts.

Is there a female equivalent to the love emoticon?

No. The love emoticons are not gender specific. You can send them to any girl or boy that you like. You can send these love emoticons to your special friends if you are truly grateful to them. Also, these love emoticons can be sent to your family members on many occasions. Moreover, you can show your love to your spouse or life partner by using these emoticons.

What is the best love emoticon?

A red heart can be the best love emoticon. It is mostly used to say ‘I love you’. You can send I love you emoji text for WhatsApp to someone special. In addition to this if you want to tell someone that you like them or you have fallen in love with them. Here is an emoticon you can use to let them know you care.

Unicode for the Emoticon


Is ♡ it A emoji?

The heart symbol (♡ ) is usually used to show feelings of love, emotion, and affection. It is the most used emoticon in our conversation every day. Heart symbols can be of two colors only. But heart emojis can be of varying colors and styles.

What is the most famous emoji for expressing love?

This cute emoji is mostly used for expressing love and affection. If your spouse cares and respects you. they will use this love 🥰 emoji to describe their feelings. They may reply to your texts with this 🥰 emoji to mean, “You have won my heart.” You should also Reply with ❤ ️ and 😊 to say, “I love you too.”

What can be a cute symbol of love?

A heart, gift, diamond ring, flower, chocolate, or love emoticons ( 욪 ❤ 유 ) can be used as a love symbol. the love symbols may come in black ❦ and white ❀, but love emojis can be of different colors and variable shapes 💕 💖 💗 💓 💔.

What can be regarded as the symbol of pure love?

The heart is mostly described and universally famous as the symbol of love. It is known as a love symbol around the world. It can be used in many different styles, for example, the Irish Claddagh is also used to depict love and sincerity.

What can be defined as the purest love emoji?

The white heart emoji can be used to define the purest form of love, for example, a parent’s love for their children or a pure romantic love that is deep and infinite. A white heart emoji can also be a gesture of emotional support if someone sends it to you. It is their way of showing how special you are to them.