Pentagram Emoji 2024 [Copy & Paste]

What is this emoji, how do these emoji look, what do these emojis mean in terms of their primary and secondary sense, and a list of emojis that come under this category? By convention, we indicate “a five-point figure with one or two spirals drawn around all of this” when we refer to a “pentagram.” it.”  Although the emoji isn’t an Emoji, it is a valid Unicode character.

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Because this Unicode character does not have an accompanying Emoji, it may only be shown in black-and-white character format through most smartphones or computer networks, while it can still show in color picture mode on a small subset of well-compatible devices. However, it is not yet recommended for widespread usage as an emoji by the Unicode Consortium.

Pentagram emoji 2024

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Complete list of pentagram emoji & Emoticons

⛤, ⛥, ⛦

How to use pentagram sign?

  • It is not difficult to insert this emoji in your texts. You should only use the keyboard for it, just press U+26E4 for the pentagram. There are other three variants of a pentagram which include; the Inverted emoji  U+26the E7, Right-Handed Interlaced Pentagram U+26E5, and the Left-Handed Interlaced Pentagram U+26E6.
  • It is used in various meanings and forms;  sometimes it is just used as bullet points in writing points or this emoji is also considered evil emoji.

What is the pentagram sign apple?

An emoji in apple phones adhere to the iOS format, which debuted with iOS 7 and has been maintained through all subsequent iterations (at least iOS 11). Thin two-pixel lines form the basis of this style, which was designed with a 50×50-pixel grid in mind. This emoji collection has a variety of pentagrams depending on the iOS version.

In addition to this, there are   10,359 icons, which is much more than the dozens of fonts found in most other vector icon packs, and they’re identical in many aspects, especially in terms of high quality and appearance.

What does the inverse pentagram sign mean?

Inverse pentagram carries different meanings for different groups of people for Satanists it indicates black art. There are bundles of stickers designed if you want to chat with other members of the evil arts community like Satanists, Sethians, followers of the Left-Hand Path, and others like them.

There is also the variety in the shape of inverse emoji; some of them are encircled while the rest of them have simple or more designated pentagrams.  Inverse pentagram memes pages are available on the social media sites like Instagram, it’s the type of fan page for a specific group.

Is there any difference between a pentagram and star emoji?

Well, there is a change between the pentagram and star emoji, as their appearance is slightly different from each other. Star emoji don’t come under the category of pentagram even though they have 5 pointers but it doesn’t form a pentagram in the center. Star emoji is used in texts and over social media between friends in a frank and appreciating way.

Mostly used in motivational phrases like “keep shining 🌟” or “it’s a brilliant idea✨”. It carries a positive meaning in your conversation with your companion online as the user keeps embracing the one with their abilities to do better. While emojis in android are also a kind of star but not a star as they have straight lines with no color some people also relate it with black art.

As in black art, this pentagram is used to perform rituals desired by them and it is the basic thing to get themselves started to perform it.

Is there any difference in the pentagram in android and Samsung phones?

Both phones are of different brands meaning there is a lot more difference in many features. If we discuss the feature of emojis in both phones then the emoji in Samsung is a five-pointed pentagram with yellow or golden radiant lines in version experience 9.0 released on 12 February 2018.

While android has black lines instead of yellow in Samsung otherwise there is not such a drastic change in both phones.

How do you write pentagram sign?

It is not difficult to write emojis, you can write with a keyboard by using straight or tilted lines on Microsoft Word. While keywords can also be used to choose any type of pentagram. In addition to this, the emoji list also consists of dozens of pentagrams but if you want an improvisation you can do it with Microsoft word or paint applications

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Unicode and UTF for the emoji

Encoding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 E2 9B A7 226 155 167 14850983 11100010 10011011 10100111

More about the emoji

The emoji png is often searched for by internet users and is used in a wide variety of media, including memes and gifs. It’s now abundantly evident that anything posted to a social networking site might have more than one interpretation. Because of the vast variations from one nation to the next, there is no end to what you may learn via travel.

What are pentagram discord emojis and slack?

The emoji was designed by! Dakota is specifically for use on the aforementioned platforms (Discord, Slack, and Guilded). Get the emoji or use our Discord emoji bot to share it with your community.

The use of Emojis

Communication has become advanced over the past few years since the internet was first launched till now. This drastic change is brought about by new features launched over some time by the programmers of different websites. One of these features is the use of emojis, which are a series of facial expressions or symbols used by users to communicate their mindset and feelings to the other person over the social networking site.

In online conversations and messages, emojis are a must-have. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Ottawa discovered that emojis affected how receivers read communications, whether or not the source node had this effect.

Similarly to how it does so for more conventional symbols, the Unicode Consortium has established a global data decoding standard for emoji characters, contributing to their widespread use (e.g., letters, numbers, Chinese characters). In this article, we will let our users understand a specific emoji in detail covering every aspect from which it can be used over social networking sites.

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