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Speech Balloon Emoji 2023

Emoji Tap/Click on the icon to copy
💬 💬
💬 💬
💭 💭

Complete list of Speech Balloon Emojis & Emoticons

💬, 💬, 💭, 🗨️, 🗯️

What does Speech Balloon Emojis mean?

The Speech Balloon emoji represents a chat or conversation. It is commonly used to indicate speech, dialogues, discussions, or to symbolize communication.
It signifies text bubbles in messaging or chatting apps and is often employed when talking about conversations, comments, or messages.

How are Speech Balloon Emojis used?

Speech Balloon emojis are widely used in online conversations to show dialogues, chats, or messages. It can signify an ongoing conversation, a comment, or a message sent or received.

Different Types of Speech Balloon Emojis and Their Meanings

💬: Represents a speech bubble or chat bubble.
💭: Depicts a thought bubble, used to denote thinking or reflecting.
🗨️: Represents a left speech bubble, used in discussions or chat contexts.
🗯️: Represents a right anger bubble, used to show raised or intense speech.

Sample Usage of Speech Balloon Emoji

‘I’ll meet you there! 💬’
‘His ideas are often symbolized by the thought bubble 💭’.