Most Used Text Emojis & their Meanings [2024]

Text emojis are being widely used these days. They are used to represent one’s feelings quite rightly. They are good for elaborating on what you are feeling. In some cases when we need to express our feelings we may not be able to find the needed words. There are many types of emojis and cute text emoji Japanese one can use.

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Also using these emojis is free of cost. So if you are worried about do you get charged for emojis on text? Then don’t. As they will not cause a penny.

Text Emojis 2024

These emojis are used to describe one’s feelings. These are mostly used when words are not enough or when we are not able to find the right words.

🦋🧿💠🌀🎀🪞🩰🦢🕯️*ੈ♡⸝⸝🪐༘⋆✩°。 ⋆⸜ 🎧✮*ੈ♡⸝⸝🪐༘⋆🤍🎀🧸🌷🍭⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。

Many people ask if are emojis free on text messages. Yes, they are free of cost for you to use. they are already installed into your text apps and browsers.

Most Used Text Emojis

Happy Emoji


Use these emojis when you are happy about certain things. They have a happy meaning.

Dancing Emoji

( ノ・・)ノ

These emojis can be used to show excitement and celebration. Celebrations can be made with them.

Kiss Emoji

You can use these emojis in conversation with your life partner. This emoji has a deep romantic meaning.

Christmas Emoji

⍋ ´•௰•`๑ ⁑̥⁂̊⍋

These emojis are used to show love and respect for Christmas. You can use them if you want to type Christmas celebration messages.

Love Emoji


Emotions of love, respect, and affection can be conveyed through emojis. They are used to describe one’s deepest love and romantic fantasies toward somebody else.

Angry Emoji


Angry emojis can be used when something awful happens. Or when you are not happy about something that happened.

Devil Emoji


Devil emojis are used when someone is going to do something mischievous. When you do a thing and it does not have good intentions from you, you will use this emoji.

Cat Emoji


Cat emojis are used to show cats. These are used when you want to refer to something cute and sweet.

Crying Emoji


Crying emojis are used when something bad happens.

Good Night Emoji


These are used when you want to send good night messages to someone.

How to use text emoji?

If you want to use emoji text on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. You can add them from your text app. Simply open your text app, and click on the chats. After clicking on type new message. After that click on the emoji icon next to the space bar to get different emojis. There are a variety of text emojis present for every situation. Let it be happy, sad, angry, or anxious.

Is there any female equivalent to the emojis?

Text emojis are not specified for any gender. But you can use them in various conversations with any gender personality. However, there can be some of the emojis that should be sent to only specific gender. Apart from that, there can be emojis that include animals as well such as cat text emoji Japanese.

What is the best text emoji?

The best text emoji varies with your situation. If you are feeling happy then you will have to use happy emojis. If you are missing someone. You can use the emoji text I miss you to show them what are you feeling. Also, it does not cost emojis.

Can I copy and paste emojis?

It’s very simple to copy and paste any emojis. Just tap to select any emoji. (you can select as many emojis as you want). The selected emoji will be inserted into the box at the top. But if want to use it on the Desktop, then simply press Ctrl + A to select all of them. Now copy them by pressing press Ctrl + C.

What does this emoji 👉👈 define?

Most people say that it represents ‘shyness’. It shows your nervousness by twiddling your fingers. This emoji can also be grouped with the emoji too, for expressing more nervous feelings. This emoji can be used when you want to ask a question to someone which is soft, but risky, or if you feel hella shy.

What is the famous text emoji?

The most famous and mostly used emojis are: 😂 Face having Tears Of Joy. 😍 Smiling Face having Heart-Eyes.

What does this text emoji mean 🙏 🙏?

This emoji is usually used for praying. It has two hands firmly pressed against each other. As it describes someone praying. Also, it can be used as a symbol of immense respect and gratitude.

What does this emoji 🖖 describes while texting?

This emoji 🖖 is called a Vulcan Salute emoji. It means long, lives, and prosper, Pals! If you ever want to send love to your best friends, then drop a 🖖 in their chats. In addition to this, it can also be used as an emoji, 🖖, which is the most suitable symbol for showing Star Trek cred or sci-fiction things.

What do the emoji 👁👄👁 symbolize in texting?

The 👁👄👁 emojis show that you are feeling shocked or you are stunned. For example, you are so shocked that your eyes are gone wide and your jaw has fallen open.

How do I insert emojis into a text?

If you are using Microsoft apps for example word, notepad, or in the web browser and you wish to insert an emoji. Please click on Windows key + ; (semicolon) or Windows key +. (full stop). Using this method, you can insert emojis, kaomoji, and other special characters.