Thank You Emoji [Copy & Paste]

In the culture of Japan, a sign of respect is made by pressing the palms of both hands together firmly. Characters with their hands folded in front of them were also included in the early concept designs of Folded Hands from Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Prayer in the Western Christian tradition often utilizes this hand motion.

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It works the same way in most cultures and hence the emoji was invented. Here’s what it is:

Thank you symbol 2024

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🙏 🙏
🙌 🙌
🤗 🤗

Complete list of thank you emoji & Emoticons

🙏, 🙌, 🤗,👌🏻

How to use thank you sign?

You may express your gratitude in a more lively manner by using this emoji, which can be used to convey “thank you.” It wouldn’t be inappropriate to use this emoji to convey the sentiment “praise God,” but you could get more fun out of it if you used it as a decorative method to express gratitude instead.

What does two hands together mean in texting?

The symbol depicts two hands clasped together with the fingers pointing upward. The motion of folding one’s hands may be used in many different contexts, including as a kind of meditation, religious or civilian, as appreciation, a plea, and a welcome.

It can also indicate confidence, admiration, appreciation, humility, and regard. You can also get the emoji gif in case you don’t find any emoji in your collection.

What does 🙌 mean in texting?

The emoji for “rising hands” displays two hands raised, palms facing upward, with lines drawn over them to indicate movement. It is used festively, to indicate excitement, pride, or a wonderful experience of the positive kind.

What is the meaning of this Smily emoji?

The emoji character known as the hugging face is supposed to symbolize a smiling person reaching out to give a hug. But more often than not, it’s merely a way to exhibit joy, convey love and thanks, provide consolation and sympathy, or signify a rejection.

What is the best emoji for thank you?

There is no predefined emoji for the expression of gratitude. Certain people use the term “for this,” but I find it to be, at best, unclear and at worst, somewhat unpleasant for some people.

Therefore, there is a variety of emojis that may be used to express gratitude. Make sure you only use them if you and the other person have reached an agreement on their meaning so that the other person does not misinterpret whatever you say.

You can get the emoji in WhatsApp the same. The emoji depicting two hands raised in a thank-you gesture is another option for expressing thanks online.

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How to write the thank you sign?


  • Launch the application on your Android smartphone in which you want to input an emoji, and then press the text box to bring up the on-screen keyboard.
  • Tap the symbol that looks like a smiling face and is located either to the side of, above or under the textbox. The on-screen keypad with built-in emoji will appear.
  • Tap the thank you sign you want to use.

What history of this emoji’s look?

On Twitter in January 2012,  were rumors circulating that the symbol “Folded Hands” represented a high five. Emojis were still in their infancy for the majority of internet users back then. Emojis were introduced to a lot of people for the first time on Apple keyboards.

Apple’s concept for Folded Hands showed a golden flash of light flowing from the fingers about the moment when the high-five rumor began to gain traction. The evolution from symbol to emoji is just like the thank you sign symbols and now they can be found with emojis.

By 2015, Apple had removed the stylized yellow lines from the Folded Hands logo. These lines had previously represented a type of brilliance that might be interpreted as either hope or appreciation.

By 2018, major manufacturers have brought their designs in line with Apple’s, providing us with two hands that are yellow by default and have blue sleeves, with the palms of the hands crushed together and given the generic but descriptive name of Person With Folded Hands in the Unicode standard. In 2024 thank you sign hands are yellow and the shirt sleeves are blue.

What does emoji mean?

The term “emoji” is a Japanese composite of two words: “e,” which means image, and “moji,” which means character. Despite its resemblance to terms such as emotion, emoji is truly a Japanese word. Emojis are used to depict emotions or be used as alternatives to typing in an informal environment. From simplicity to thank-you emoji text art, you can get a variety of changes.

There are many different sorts of emoji, such as those that depict animals, everyday items, different locations and climates, and diverse facial emotions. Emojis can convey a range of emotions, including appreciation and expressions of thanks which can be seen on these emoji faces.

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